Booze of the Bay

Posted: July 11, 2006 in Uncategorized

This last weekend can be summed up around three things: booze, bay area, and driving. I’d never road-tripped down to California, at least not since my dad and I drove down when I was 5, and my dad was going to be in Napa for the weekend, so I decided to keep my travel mojo rolling after Hawaii and drive down with Lucy. As well as the drive went, that’s a long ass drive, especially between Redding and Napa valley, which is either long stretches of nothing or nauseatingly windy, rutted highway.

Driving aside, the weekend was ideal. Wine tasting at Hall, Cliff Lede, and Nickel & Nickel on Saturday with my dad, then a drive across the Golden Gate to introduce Lucy to San Fran on Sunday. As we walked through North Beach, we were momentarily worried a massive riot was breaking out all around us, but come to find the noise was due to Italy winning the World Cup, and only a minor riot ensued. We took tea at a tea bar in Chinatown, drank pints at the Irish Bank pub with the Irish, British, and French tourists who were consoling themselves over Italy’s win, rode the cablecar, and ate dinner on Fisherman’s Wharf.

As for the wine, well, it’s hard to eat Taco Bell after a visit to Mexico.


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