And now, evil moments of a sysadmin

Posted: June 22, 2006 in Uncategorized

Running a bunch of internet-facing servers both at home and at work, I have all these systems set up to email me log summaries every day so I can keep my eye out for attacks or problems without having to parse through ridiculous amounts of data. On your average day, all this info in its raw form would equate to a good size novel, and reading through it looking for patterns would be like that novel was the fully annotated life and times of a small garden slug.

Every day, particularly on my home servers, I see evidence of minor attacks, usually script kiddies, bots, or worms. Among these, I typically get someone in Taiwan trying to use my mail server to bounce spam off of, undoubtably advertising “b1g happiness in pants no doctor! elephantitis”. Today’s log was no exception, except it made me pause for a moment, because I almost wanted to allow this relay through. The recipient domain of the emails?


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