Last leg

Posted: May 25, 2006 in Uncategorized

My last day here. I’ve had a blast, but I’m ready to head home. The last couple days the Japanese folks from work relaxed more with us (ie. got drunk) and we had some good times unwinding from the big move. Last night was dinner at a pretty trendy place in Shibuya, which as always was virtually invisible from the street, this time behind an industrial-style iron door. We ate sushi and blowtorch-cooked fish, drank sochu and sake, and I introduced one of the locals to whiskey and coke. Afterwards, Stephen and I happened upon a celtic band in one of the western-style pubs dotted around Tokyo and chatted with the band between sets. Through pure chance, one of the band members had gone to the U of O.

Today, Mt. Fuji has reappeared on the horizon to see me off. The land of the rising sun has been good to me. I hope to come back.

But damned if I could live here.


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