Since they went to the trouble to pay for the trip and all…

Posted: May 18, 2006 in Uncategorized

With the move that is my whole reason for being here growing ever closer, I’ve had to shift gears and focus more on actually working, leaving little time or energy for much more exploration. Hell, last night I even went straight back home, I mean to the hotel, and ordered room service, foregoing my usual wandering of the back streets for a restaurant that had the most appealing plastic food. Although getting to chat with Lucy for the first time since I’d left helped keep me room-bound as well.

Thankfully the move is becoming less work-intensive the closer we get, so with a little luck I won’t be spending my whole weekend working 12 to 14 hour days and I’ll get a little more time around town. I can only hope the sore throat and low energy I’ve had the past few days won’t turn into some full-blown crud. I’m going to try to get a run in over to Yoyogi Park tonight to sweat it out a bit.

It occurred to me this morning to make a music video of sorts out of video footage from this trip. I’m going to start playing with video editing software as well as compression software, and if I actually get around to doing it, I’ll post the results.


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