Halfway out, halfway home

Posted: May 16, 2006 in Uncategorized

So, I’m just about at the halfway point of my Tokyo trip, and I’m starting to feel a bit of the wear. I’ve been on the road for long stints before, and I’m usually able to adapt well enough, but being such a stark foreigner makes it much more difficult, and Tokyo makes it pretty well impossible. It’s not that I’m discriminated against; the tact of the Japanese is impeccably constant. I’m simply not accepted. I am a linguistic and cultural island in a sea of concrete and neon, surrounded by millions of people yet isolated behind barriers of language and race. It’s amazing how much I need those brief, casual interactions even with complete strangers. I find myself relying heavily on the internet for people I can be myself with and being able to point to things for meals.

But, my sense of adventure isn’t tapped out. The endless backstreets of the city, more intriguing restaurants and shops per square block than I would’ve ever thought possible, and still unvisited territories of the city keep me intrigued. Plus the real work I’m here to do is just shifting into high gear. I’m not ready to go yet, but still I miss my home turf, I miss my friends, and I miss my girl. Another week and I’m sure I’ll have had my fill for this trip.


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