Roll up every twig, for great justice!

Posted: May 1, 2006 in Uncategorized

Now, we’re all pretty aware that the Japanese have some shall we say unusual tastes when it comes to entertainment. And we also know that often times Japanese video games don’t quite come across very well in translation. But as of yesterday, Katamari Damacy takes the new title of all-around imported Japanese weirdness. Essentially you’re a small man with a head shaped like a tootsie roll pushing a ball around the world that everything sticks to. Pencils, shoes, people, buildings… you roll over them all to make a bigger ball. And meantime a king who is apparently stoned off his gourd keeps asking you for more collections of stuff. Even the soundtrack seems to have been collected and/or recorded during a drinking binge.

And it’s bizarrely addicting.


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