Update on nothing in particul…. oo, shiny!

Posted: April 26, 2006 in Uncategorized

Why oh why must it feel like Friday on a Wednesday?

Apparently David Byrne has a blog. I find it oddly compelling, particularly given the oddball image he puts off (if you need a comprehensive education on the eccentricities of David Byrne, just watch True Stories). True to form, in his blog he seems well-informed to the point of obessive. In short, he makes a good liberal.

It seems that the forces of probability have decided to inject a little excess into my life. While I’m off in Tokyo, my mom will in turn be in town staying at my house. However, through no pre-planning of any kind, we will both be in the United terminal at SFO at the same time for a matter of hours while I return home and she returns to Hawaii. My dad meantime has been flying to Napa almost every week to the point that he’s having to rent a house there.

Who’s family is this?


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