Boardin for Jesus

Posted: April 17, 2006 in Uncategorized

Coming from a non-religious household, the most Easter weekend has ever meant to me was baskets with little gifts and lots of chocolate; sort of a pastel Halloween without the effort. So generally when Easter rolls around, I really don’t give it a second thought except suddenly every supermarket has corners stuffed with artificial grass and miniature candy. This year was little different, although I did attend an egg-coloring party on Saturday. True to form however, other than the eggs and chocolate, the party had about as much to do with Easter as, well, a rabbit hiding eggs does with the resurrection of Jesus.

So, that hint of tradition aside, the rest of my weekend was dedicated to a friends’ wedding, snowboarding, and resting. The wedding was nice and thoroughly unpretentious, and the reception was even moreso (not to mention the wedding cheesecake damn near made my head explode). As for snowboarding, up until yesterday I had only ever gone down one of the black diamond runs at Willamette Pass, and it handed me my ass. But, after all the trips this season, this time I actually went down all but 3 of the black diamond runs on the whole mountain (excluding the rather suicidal double-diamonds, which are essentially cliffs with signs saying “watch your step”). The price for this of course is that I can barely walk today while my legs refuse to give anything more than a cursory effort at keeping me standing. And naturally, I’ve barely had time to sit down at work today.

On the upshot, much more of this and I’ll be able to kick holes in steel plating.


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