“Now supposedly the edge of the run is here somewhaaaaa!”

Posted: April 9, 2006 in Uncategorized

Hands down, I snowboarded more this season than any other, and the last couple trips, it definitely showed. I’m throwing myself down black diamonds with abandon, and I’m even suicidally pondering RTS at Willamette.

While the conditions on Saturday were far from perfect, to the point that mid-day sitting down in the snow was akin to sitting in a puddle, a storm moved in late in the day and cooled things way the hell down, although it also caused me to nearly get lost on the last run of the day in near-whiteout conditions. Lucy stoically attempted snowboarding for the first time, which she decided was certainly not for her, and really, why would you throw yourself down a mountain facing the wrong way anyway. Louie meantime insisted he had never gotten high while skiing and it was time he tried it, so he disappeared off into the trees for a bit and very nearly got stuck on the backside of the mountain with the lift shut down. But all told, it was a fine day of spring skiing, which I’m pretty sure is in its last throes, so I’m glad I got another piece of it.

Meantime, I got off my figurative ass today and did my taxes in proper procrastinating fashion. Shockingly, I didn’t owe quite as much as I expected to. I am however still Uncle Sam’s gimp in the basement.


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