Now it’s just being mean

Posted: April 3, 2006 in Uncategorized

Okay, I get that I need to rest and that being sick is unpleasant and all. Now just let me get freakin better! Not a day after going to the doctor to try and clear up the last of my month-long cold, now firmly the longest one I’ve ever had by a large margin, I woke up and felt like warmed over crap on an electric fence. I ran a fever for a day and took a few to feel well enough to leave the house. Back to square one.

On the downside, I missed what would’ve been my first Smith climbing trip of the season. But, I made a point of resting the whole weekend, including sticking to my new zero-alcohol policy, effective until I’m healthy again. Plus I got to see V for Vendetta, went to see a couple friends spin at a house party, and discovered that Brail’s has Loco Moco. This last revelation was both exciting and hazardous, since Loco Moco, like most Hawaiian dishes, has the caloric content to make a marathon runner’s heart explode.

Speaking of hearts exploding, think I’ll go cough up my other lung now.


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