Stoke maintenance

Posted: March 26, 2006 in Uncategorized

The past couple months or so have been ones of rather significant physical downtime. Weeks of illness and general malaise have been punctuated now and again by snowboarding trips and workouts, but overall what I was lacking was desire. Part of it almost certainly has to do with my regular climbing partner starting a new relationship, which has taken much of her energy and attention, as new relationships will do. And certainly my sudden burst of console gaming madness has distracted me, giving me the excuses I needed to simply head straight home after work to let my mind shut down for a while. There is a veritable laundry list of excuses and reasons for letting myself complacently putter away the last throes of winter.

But frankly, it is about my motivation. My active self has proven to be my happiest self, and I can’t let myself forget that and lose it back into the dark recesses of domesticity. I must resolve to keep myself motivated towards not what has made me content, but what has made me happy. There is room for everything, but it’s so easy for me to let things slide away when easier, more immediate paths are laid before me. I cannot let opportunity overcome my priorities.

Luckily, I feel my stoke returning more and more lately. For some time I simply had no desire at all to climb. The gym, outside, I was shrugging it all off. But I’m feeling it return, even from gym climbing. The tightness in my shoulders and the sting of my fingertips reminds me of everything to be done this season. It will be different this year, but it’s all still there.

Little by little, I’m remembering life before winter.


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