Sick and tired of being sick and tired

Posted: March 23, 2006 in Uncategorized

I really wish this cold season would end. I’ve been riding a cold for nearly a month now in various stages of illness, the current stage being the “mildy low-energy and congestion with cough” stage. More an annoyance than anything, but damn, enough already!

On the upside, much has been afoot at work. My previously planned trip to Red Rocks in April is likely going to have to be put on hold in lieu of a trip they want me to take to Tokyo to see a new lab build-out taking place there. There’s talk of me becoming security and lab development lead for North America, which is so significantly larger than my current role that I keep waiting for the Japanese gameshow host to run out and claim it was all some very elaborate and incomprehensible stunt, and if I would now please tie this pork chop to my head (for those of you who are mystified by that last reference, please refer here for super happy funtime). The funny part of this is, having grown up running around construction sites and having owned my own tool belt since I was 5, being put of charge of lab construction is like me taking up the family business. Go figure.

Or maybe it’s just because I get all the jokes made by facilites and the smell of sawdust, stale cigarettes, and coffee makes me nostalgic.


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