Posted: January 29, 2006 in Uncategorized

Turn back about 6 years, the night of my 21st birthday. Over the years of working as a phone monkey, I’d met a significant variety of oddballs, and a select few of us formed a core group, a sort of geek clique. Two of these characters were my friends George and Dylen, two guys with a deep rooting in alcohol and repressed Scottish anger. On this night, George and Dylen took it upon themselves to introduce me properly to the vice of hard alcohol in its many forms. I remember very little. From that point on for the next year or so, many nights were spent with that same pair putting that knowledge to use.

Fast forward to last night. Dylen, having wandered up and down the west coast, has recently returned to town to put down roots again. And every so often, George makes a weekend trip from Portland facilitated by his munchkins in Eugene and the futon in my living room. Last night was one of the first nights these events had come together, and damned if I was going to not make use of it. So, with a warmup of a case of Northwest Trail, some God of War, and a little persuasion, the three of us once again paid a visit to the local campus bar, the same bar where I started my legal inhibiting of judgment and motor skills.

Some things change: the bar is 3 times bigger now, and we’re all older and perhaps a bit wiser. And some things don’t: year to year, the women there never get any older, and we’re all just as belligerent as ever.

Here’s to a night appreciating both.


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