Heartburn City

Posted: December 27, 2005 in Uncategorized

So, say you’re in the Eugene-Springfield area, and in a fit of non-drunken craving you decide you must have a chili-cheese dog. In this food-driven zen state, you feel confident that you will not change your mind, to the point that you can gamble on a menu that consists of nothing but hot dogs and sausage dogs in their various forms. Well, you’re in luck, because Famous Frank’s Hot Dogs in Springfield will quite conveniently fit the bill. Aside from the standard mustard, ketchup, and relish dogs, they even have regional favorites not widely known in the northwest, including the chili-slaw dog, a dish that joins the ranks of those labelled with the distinction of “uniquely southern”, or “gross, yet delicious”.

I also highly recommend the garlic fries. Just don’t take a date there until after your 4th or 5th wedding anniversary.


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