Disappearing act

Posted: November 13, 2005 in Uncategorized

I’ve been in no mood to talk to anyone all day, so I didn’t. I barely said 5 words all day. I just have a general feeling of discontent and anti-socialness. I have this underlying feeling of being annoyed at nothing in particular. Perhaps it will be gone tomorrow. Perhaps it won’t. I’d rather it did, because working in this mood is thoroughly unpleasant.

Every so often I reach a point where I really don’t want to deal with other people’s personalities, emotions, thoughts, philosophies, small talk, etc. I just reach critical mass where I want none of it, and really just want to disappear for a couple days. No notice, no explaination, just vanish for a bit. Not as part of some desperate grab for attention to see who misses me, but because I get tired of expending energy on other people, and when I hit the wall there is no gradual decline, just a sharp precipice of withdrawl. I can only play everyone’s little games so much.

So the social world can just carry on a bit without my input. And those who feel the need to have some input on this: I really don’t care.


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