Tense man walkin’

Posted: July 5, 2005 in Uncategorized

I just had the most tense walk to get milk I’ve had in my life, and simply because my mind can produce holes in my memory as casually and inconveniently as a state highway crew.

While off on vacation, the power unexpectedly went out at my house not long after I left. When I arrived back home, my back door was unlocked and slightly ajar. While I was pretty sure I had locked it, I wasn’t 100% certain, and everything seemed to be present and in order. However, while on today’s walk, someone posted a sign advertising their bike had been stolen from my street one of the nights I was gone, around the time my power went out (again, I THINK it was the same time).

My mind wandered along that thought consolingly, remembering when my bikes were stolen from my house a couple years back. Suddenly, I couldn’t remember seeing my bikes in my house. I’d mentally recount when I’d looked in that direction since I got back, and I got a big blank spot. By this point there was no reason to rush back and find out except for my own peace of mind, so I kept walking, desperately trying to remember if my bikes were still there. After almost walking past the store and taking upwards of 30 seconds to register how much the guy behind the counter had asked me for the milk, I jogged home, took a deep breath, and opened the door to find my bikes exactly where they always were. So, now I’m still paranoid, but at least I know for sure now that everything is where it was.

Stupid memory. And stupid meth heads.


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