57 channels and nothing on

Posted: April 13, 2005 in Uncategorized

Watch out for flying pigs and seas boiling, because I’m this close to killing my cable.

Lately I’ve been totally uninterested in cable. I only watch at most 8 channels out of some 70+, and even those 8 are almost nothing but reruns and 10-year-old action blockbusters. Frankly, if I flip to one more Steven Seagal movie, I’m gonna get a Fire Down Below and make an Executive Decision about giving my tv some Exit Wounds. Combined with the fact that I now subscribe to Netflix and most of the shows I like can be streamed off the internet anyway, spending $50 a month on stuff I don’t watch is rather silly. Not to mention that summer is no time to be sitting on my ass watching TV.

So, I’m gonna try a week of no cable, see how it goes, and if it agrees with me, I’m dropping Comcast like a bad habit.

Which, really it is.


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