, this one’s for you

Posted: April 7, 2005 in Uncategorized

Script kiddies annoy the hell out of me. Generally 2-3 times a day minimum, my home server is hit with SSH common login attacks. Nothing remotely sophisticated, just blind shots in the dark. This 14-year-old wannabe hacker shit irks me not just because it’s as pointless and stupid as tagging road signs, but because it also disrespects the UNIX community that it’s aimed at. The temptation in situations like these to 0wn and shut down the box is overwheliming (the Aussie moron is running not only a vulnerable Apache install on Debian, but accepts connections for SSH, SMTP, and POP3 as well). However, this is just one of many, I wasn’t compromised, and life goes on.

Although an examination of his logs will show quite a few login attempts from the server he was attacking by the user “fuckoff”.


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