Posted: January 31, 2005 in Uncategorized

I feel like this past weekend should have been sponsored by Mountain Dew.

Friday night was the company “it’s not a Christmas party!” party. Free drinks good food, and an excuse to get my suit out of the closet for the year. There was fake gambling too, but the tables are always filled early with the gambling addicts who camp at the blackjack tables, so my monopoly money never touched the felt. But it always feels nice to get dressed completely out of character, and Shel was turning heads all night in her new dress.

Saturday was kicked off by the ever-important sleeping in, then some cleanup and out to the Crux. Neither of us had been climbing in over a month, so we didn’t have very high expectations, but amazingly, we were both climbing really well. I cruised up a 5.10, and Shel even spanked me on a 5.9/10. Finished with some Pad Thai and movies, and we were good to go.

Sunday we headed up to Willamette Pass to try and catch the last gasp of snow there is to find, and snowboard down it. The horrible forecasts and the horrifically early closures of several ski parks kept our expectations low, but amazingly, there were still some decent, if very slushy runs. Shel had never been snowboarding, so we started off on the bunny slope with the required session of getting her ass closely aquainted with the ground. After she’d had enough bruising, I took a couple runs off the summit before we called it a day, and headed home to take a sunset bike ride.

A much-needed weekend after a highly dramatic week.

  1. a_wags says:

    sounds like a really fun weekend!

  2. Anonymous says:

    sounds like a really fun weekend!

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