Posted: January 15, 2005 in Uncategorized

When I was about 9, I started taking Judo from the Sakurakan Dojo, and over three years, it taught me quite a bit. It also helped to shape my attitude, philosophy, and level-headedness for the years since. After we moved when I was 12, I tried taking it up again, but the atmosphere of the new dojo was different. It didn’t give me what I needed, and so I moved on to other things.

This past week I’ve started taking Brazillian Ju Jitsu and Jeet Kun Do from one of the trainers at work. Over the years since my time taking Judo, I’ve attended different dojos for different martial arts, but they just didn’t connect for me; either the group was almost begrudgingly there, or the classes were so large that they were tought by higher-ranking students who tended to give little attention to correct form or give pointers on technique. This class however differs in two ways. Firstly, it’s smaller and does not have the formality of an official dojo, so there’s more focus on the techniques themselves. Secondly, most everyone in the class has past experience in martial arts, so many of the basics (acknowledging a hit, tapping out, etc.) are already fairly well engrained, and what little reinforcement we need comes from each other rather than weighing on the sensei. Overall, it’s a very comfortable environment, and one I feel I can really continue with.

Anyone who’s ever broached the subject of martial arts with me will tell you I’m a strong proponent of it, for many reasons. The physical control is just a portion of it, and a small one at that. The mental discipline and clarity required to excel is of great value to me, and something I strive for. I don’t attend for the sport, I don’t attend to excel, I attend for what it can give me everywhere else.


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