Posted: November 9, 2004 in Uncategorized

I know winter has officially started, because I’m starting to get out of shape. Not badly, but it’s hit that point that I have to make an effort to not just turn into a blob on the couch covered in potato chip crumbs.

During the summer, it’s easy. You WANT to go outside and do stuff. Staying inside during Oregon’s brief courtship with the sun gives you more guilt than a Jewish mother. But once that sun disappears behind a sheet of cold rain, you want nothing more than to catch up on your movie watching, preferably close to a good heater, and finish off that leftover Halloween candy. But I’m bound and determined to keep myself moving one way or another. Thankfully Shel has the same feeling, so we should be able to keep each other from succumbing to wintertime inertia.

This past weekend was however half and half. The two of us spent Saturday doing chores around the house, hiking up Mt. Pisgah, and attending aardammit and rhinoblues‘s Housewarming/Thank god the election’s over/aardammit got certified party. Each was productive, although the only thing produced by the party was a killer 151 buzz, a burned tounge from the lil’ smokies, and enough verbal digs to make Howard Stern a little uncomfortable.

Sunday however was a day of pure relaxation. Sleeping til noon, breakfast and the paper at Studio One, movies, more sleeping, and a killer dinner.

That’s the problem with motivation. It has excellent competition.


  1. a_wags says:

    looks like you guys have been havin fun

  2. Anonymous says:

    looks like you guys have been havin fun

    • Anonymous says:

      Trying to! That’s kinda the point, keeping each other off our asses for the winter.

      • Anonymous says:

        it is a challenging ballence to get activity and also quench the desire to REST for the cold season. as far as dinner goes i would say it was just okay :p not killer. the brownies were indeed KILLER 😀

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