Bicycle elitism

Posted: October 3, 2004 in Uncategorized

After dropping off my rent this evening, I passed the house next to me and noticed my new neighbor had locked their bike up to the front porch, in pretty plain view. Having had two bikes stolen off of my front porch, I felt it would be my civic duty to warn them. However, when on my way to the door, I noticed it was a Huffy, at which point I stopped, said, “Oh… huh” to myself, and went back to my house.

I’ll probably still warn them if I see them, but meantime I just can’t bring myself to be worried about a Huffy.

This weekend has been getting back to my inner geek. Hardware swapping, a 7-hour LAN party complete with pizza and beer, server room cleanup, system building, etc. I even picked up an old Commodore 64 and a Super Nintendo from the depths of neogeekdotcom‘s collection.

That’s right, it was that geeky of a weekend.


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