Posted: September 27, 2004 in Uncategorized

A much-needed weekend of some things Shel and I hadn’t done in some time, and some we’d simply never done. First order of business was sleeping in Saturday morning. The work weeks have been insane lately, and sleeping in has become a welcome luxury. Lounging, movies on cable, and KILLER scrambles later, we headed up to PDX for a party at Erica’s, celebrating her departure from a workplace that I gathered was the equivilant of holding a nail for a blind carpenter.

For as much as Oregon’s weather can piss you off, it can really turn around and give you an unexpectedly perfect day, like finding a fiver on the sidewalk. Sunday handed out just such a day. Shel and I, Erica and Matt, George and Shannon, and Kendra (Will was busy hacking at a friend’s tree across town) met up at Beaterville for a long breakfast, monopolizing their largest table for some time (Waitress: “How many of you?” Me: “Seven.” Waitress: “You’re serious?”).

The afternoon was spent wandering downtown and through Powells, then dinner at Bangkok Kitchen and touring the east Belmont district with George, which had both beautiful and heavily marketed houses. I know they’re bound to be insanely expensive, but if I were to finally find my way up there, I’d have to at least look at the listings. I think if my friends and I could gradually take over that neighborhood, life would be pretty damn good. Til then, I’ll just satisfy myself with visiting the ones that are already there, or are soon to be.

stolen souls

  1. a_wags says:

    I miss smith and powells- but powells is just a place never to be copied…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I miss smith and powells- but powells is just a place never to be copied…

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