A break at last

Posted: September 19, 2004 in Uncategorized

The past week up til today has been non-stop. My mom has been in town, work has been nuts, and aardammit has been crashing at my place since Thursday, which of course meant my weekend involved beer, PS2, and rugby. Thursday was a day off from work, but I took it off to spend with my mom in Portland, since I’d been gone all weekend at Smith.

While I do tend to get grumpy after such an extended barrage of people and things, I certainly had a good time, and at least I get today to slack and clean up my neglected house (I now have clean dishes again for the first time in some 5 days).

The most personally notable part of the week though: my mom buying me every piece of climbing gear I’d been realistically lusting after recently, and then some. The tally at the end of the day at REI:

2 runners
4 BD lockers
3 BD ovals
1 full set of Metolius stoppers (#1-10)
And the capper:
1 Red Alien


Now if only the weather hadn’t turned to shit and I could go use them… But Wednesday is looking clear, so I’ll just wait patiently until Pub Club and fondle my Alien. Mmmmm, geeeaaarrr… aghaghagh.


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