Posted: July 20, 2004 in Uncategorized

Transcript of a prank call perpetrated by a climbing acquaintance today:

“Is this skinstore dot com?”
“Yes sir, how may I help you”
“I’m wondering if you might have a product to help with my condition.”
“What type of product are you looking for sir?”
“Well to treat my condition.”
“and what condition is that?”
“Well I have this…uh, well. Um, well my genetalia is discolored”
—-silence from other end—-
“I know this is unusual and I don’t mean to make you uncomfortable, but this is really an embarassing condition.”
“Yes sir, I don’t know that we have anything for a condition like that.”
“Well, my girlfriend is really distrubed by the color. Do you think some kind of make-up would work?”
“Sir I’m not really comfortable talking about this”
“Yes ma’am, and my girlfriend isn’t comfortable looking at my HC when it’s all spotted and purple”
“Do you sell any kind of cosmetics formulated specifically for sensitive genetalia?”
“Sir I would recommend you see your doctor, I don’t think I can help you.”
“But my doctor is out of town, my girlfriend likes it with the lights on, and I can’t plant my H-C until I take care of this problem. I’m getting a GU back-up”
“Sir I am ending this phone call”
“Wait! Before you go…”
“Yes sir?”
“show me them tittayz, ’cause I’m RICK JAMES BITCH!!!”

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