Posted: July 14, 2004 in Uncategorized

I am staggered by the idiocy of the DMV.

I received my letter of notice about 11 business days ago. I this time, I’ve gotten all my shit together, gone to the local DMV office for the form for a “hardship permit” to drive to and from work, gotten the special insurance certificate for whatever, gotten a signed letter from my supervisor with my work hours, etc. Hoops. But, knowing it’s the DMV, and they move about as fast as a glacier, I called and confirmed that yes, any hope I may have of getting this permit before the cutoff date lies in driving to Salem tomorrow to hand-deliver it.

Now, as the lady in Salem explains to me, I will have to follow this mind-numbing chain of events to be legal:

1) Hand in my license to the DMV by the cutoff date. For some reason, keeping this piece of plastic while my license is restricted is a misdemeanor.

2) Bring the permit letter to the DMV with my license to get another license with a “J” on the back. That’s the only difference. This from people who mail me a sticker to put on my license to renew it. So, apparently, if the DMV decides to take its sweet time on processing my request, as one can expect they will, I will have to risk another “crime” just to follow their rules.

3) When the month is up, take the license with a “J” on it and get a non-“J” license to replace it. No doubt this will cost me more money.


At this point, I’m really tempted to just ride my bike for a month. Hell, buying another bike used just to ride for the month would be CHEAPER than all the fees for this crap. Now I know how we fund wars. “This bombing brought to you by the DMV! Keeping people waiting in line since 1946 (and we mean the same people)”

  1. rhinoblues says:

    crap…that sucks dude
    frickin dmv

  2. Anonymous says:

    crap…that sucks dude

    frickin dmv

  3. Anonymous says:

    shoot them all!!

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