Posted: July 12, 2004 in Uncategorized

Ok, so, ya.

Backpacking with Shel weekend before last (see pictures from my post from the 7th) was great, if exhausting. Hiking 10 miles uphill in 7 hours in 85+ degree heat with 30+ lbs. packs is not exactly a picnic in the park. But the hike back out was much easer (ie. downhill) and overall a good experience. Monday was blissfully a day off, and Shel and I made good use of it to rest up and be lazy again for the first time in I can’t remember how long. We even took a trip to the park to sit in the sun, read, and play frisbee. A summer weekend just doesn’t get much better.

The week after was not really worth mentioning, apart from the fact that I jumped on a new face climb at the columns, up what at first look seems like a blank column. Beautiful climb, right at sunset, and I felt as good on it as I almost ever have.

This weekend was a trip up to Portland for ‘s birthday BBQ, which was a loud, meat and alcohol fueled event on her building’s rooftop. As it should be. Afterwards we all shifted to Level downtown, which mixed the strongest 151 and coke I’ve ever had in my life, and coming from someone who has used vodka as a mixer for 151, that’s saying something.

Next day, post-sleep on the rubiks-cot, and I headed out for some gear perusing, used papasan buying, and slow-cooking BBQ sandwich eating.

So far this week has been off to a rough start, but I remain:


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