Posted: June 12, 2004 in Uncategorized

In the past couple days, the U of O campus has emptied of people like air from a burst balloon. Apart from the stragglers from commencement ceremonies, the whole campus area feels like it’s been evacuated due to a bomb threat. This happens every year, and I anticipate it, but it never fails to depress me a little.

During the school year, the college students make up the lion’s share of anything really resembling my peers in this town. Focused, educated, and above all, old enough to drink but still young enough to want to stay up late. But once school is over, they all take to the road, scattering to their own small towns, and leaving my demographic with little more than aimless hippies and budding farm workers. What limited youthful energy and drive this town once eminated is now reduced to the apathy of sullen teenagers and baby boomers resting on their laurels as they await retirement.

It’s not the people that are missing. It’s what they represent that is suddenly so notably lacking from the city as a whole.


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