Posted: May 30, 2004 in Uncategorized

Back home again. Smith was fun as always, but just not quite all there. Think it’ll be good to take some weekends off from it. Plus, because I don’t have my own leader rope, and because I didn’t come with a climbing partner, I was kind of tagging along and begging off climbs when I could, so I was at the mercy of someone else’s schedule, which anywhere else would irritate me, but in this case it just made the whole thing lackluster. So, next time, I’ll go armed with a proper rope and partner.

But, I did have the satisfaction of finding I’m a relatively good crack climber, and I got to try two new routes, BBQ The Pope (5.10b) and In Harm’s Way (5.8). I kinda flailed on the Pope, but cruised up Harm’s. I think I’m gradually increasing my climbing grade, since I never had even a moment of uncertainty on the 5.8.



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