We now return you to your regularly scheduled life

Posted: May 27, 2004 in Uncategorized

The dust has settled again, so back to reality. Went to the Crux last night with Shel and for the first time in a while, and pulled hard on some stuff. Felt great to get back to cranking and flailing on something, and I remembered why I decided bouldering in the gym was so much better training than toproping in the gym. I just WORK harder. I even thrashed my tips to the point that they were complaining every time I grabbed something, and skin was flaking off like the remnants of a bad sunburn. And I loved it! Managed a couple V2s, and just flailed on some random routes I knew I was probably ill-prepared for.

Followed it with a beer and burger at 19th St. I swear, I’ll never grow tired of their Nervous Breakdown burger. An overall excellent evening.


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