The trump weekend

Posted: March 30, 2004 in Uncategorized

Every once in a while, you get to go into the office on Monday morning, and in the course of trading weekend smalltalk with people in the breakroom, you proceed to trump everyone’s weekend. This was one of those Mondays.

Saturday was some much-needed sleeping in, then some last minute packing and off to Smith. Shel and I got there just after lunch, and to start the weekend off right, a couple mountain bikers gave up their primo parking spot and park pass to us just as we got there. After climbing a pitch on Bunny Face and a little bouldering, we headed into Redmond for some excellent burgers and beer with some friends at 7th Street Brewery. Luckily enough, they invited us to crash in their spare room instead of camp out for the night in the car, so we got some great sleep for the next day.

Sunday we got out at sunup, got some coffee, and started climbing. Nothing really stressful skill-wise, but I did get in my first sport lead on Easy Reader (5.6), which was huge. The weather was unbelievably nice, to the point that I thought for sure it was the height of summer. After 3 pitches, we dropped our gear off at the car and hiked around the backside, then back over Misery Ridge and out. A stopoff for some Huckleberry ice cream before we left Terrebonne, and back home.

And finally today, just a weekend too late but very welcomed, my helmet and rope arrived. I am giddy with gear.

Book-worthy? No. Not even really a story to tell around the campfire. But a moment of pure satisfaction for a weekend warrior nonetheless.

That’s right suburban office dwellers, have another doughnut. Revel in your freshly-groomed lawn. But was it worth photo documentation?

Oh yes, and one day, I will climb Monkey Face. Believe it.


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