The gap

Posted: March 24, 2004 in Uncategorized

Ok, so I’ve been flaking on the journal. Not really sure why, just have. Lessee, when last we saw our hero…

Work has actually mellowed quite nicely. XP has taken a back seat, thank god, and I’ve been spending lots of time with scripting in VB, PHP, etc. It’s all work stuff, but damn, it feels like I’m screwing around!

This last weekend was just what I needed. Climbing on Saturday with Shel and her boys on another gorgeous day. And I climbed everything I touched clean, which felt so…. energizing. I need to push myself to the next level. Can’t wait til my rope and helmet arrive! The rest of the weekend was lawn mowing, washing of the many, many insect corpses from my motorcycle, upgrading my firewall to the latest build, and hours upon hours of Battlefield Vietnam. The Battlefield game series 0wnz0rs. Also had the power supply in Osiris fail, which I had to scavenge a replacement for from Set. Really just more reason to replace Set with a proper system that will take the new drives. Tho I must admit, I’m tempted by neogeekdotcom‘s talk of NAS devices…

Shel’s Thing 2 had to go in for minor surgery on an abcessed tooth today, but they both seemed to take it pretty well. Aided, mind you, by some Nintendo and Transformers thrown in for distraction. Troopers, all of them.

In summary, work and play, work and play. Waiting on prospects in Portland, maybe arriving soon maybe not, but I’m in no rush. Summer is approaching on swift heels, and the air is heady with possibility. And pollen. So very glad I’m not an allergy sufferer.

Happiness is pulling your favorite pair of Vans out of the closet for the warm weather.


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