Posted: March 1, 2004 in Uncategorized

Back from my weekend atSmith, and damn, I want to go back already. Saturday Shel taught me to set up a toprope anchor and rappel, and we did some low-grade climbing for flavor before it got so cold we couldn’t feel the rock anymore. Finished off with a killer burger and beer in Redmond before we passed out in the car back at the Grasslands. Today was a hike up to Koala Rock a good ways above the rest of Smith, and putting the new skills to use, along with a little bouldering.

The weekend was overall pretty light on climbing skill, but after both of us had only been climbing indoors for so long, it was good to get the feel again for real rock before we start pushing it this year. And I’m gonna need a crash pad, because I’m definitely liking bouldering. The gym is going to seem kinda soft now…



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