Deja vous all over again

Posted: February 22, 2004 in Uncategorized

The weekend started out so well, I basically did it twice.

Friday night was the joy of a cheesy yet funny movie, in this case Eurotrip, with and . Afterwards headed to Taylors for some beer and shuffleboard, which was surprisingly entertaining, even before the pitcher of beer. And of course the required post-drinking 7-11 trip.

Saturday was sleep, which I definitely needed, then off to the Asian Festival for killer food, some martial arts demos and talking with the local Kung Fu school reps, and a taiko drum performance. I’m really thinking Kung Fu is more my style as martial arts go, since I’m much more about fluidity, and other disciplines such as Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido are more short bursts of motion. I think it’s something Judo instilled in me. The flow of force, rather than the negation of it. The only question is whether I can afford the class, either the time or money.

So, at this point, I started over. After the festival, aardammit and I rented and watched Old School, which was too damn funny for its own good (assisted by half a bottle of port and pulls from the mighty fine whiskey in aard’s flask). We then we headed to Diablo’s to catch Itchy Itchy play and generally raise a ruckus. A quick run to Taylors, the usual emptying of the hot dog case at 7-11, and we were out cold. And finally today was back to the Asian Festival with aardammit, , Sara, and all of the associated kids.

Did have a little unanticipated learning moment on the motorcycle today. Took it out for the first time in several weeks, and noticed a nasty wobble in the turns, so I took it slow. Soon as I got home, immediately checked the tire pressure. Sure enough, the front was low, and, much to my dread, the rear didn’t even register. So, the tires are back at full pressure, the handling is back, and I feel lucky I didn’t eat it on my ride. Lesson learned.


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