Posted: February 16, 2004 in Uncategorized

An overall excellent weekend with Shel. So much for rainy forecasts.

Friday was some speed climbing in the gym since we had neglected to remember that it closes at 9. But we still got in 5 routes each in 30 minutes, which was impressive, if sloppy.

Saturday was hiking Mt. Pisgah, lunch at Jeung’s Mongolian Grill (f33r my b33f pile of d00m!), resting at home, then out to Sushi Domo for some awesome rolls. Their unagi is like butter.

Sunday was Studio One’s fabulous, chest-pain inducing french toast, some perusing the shelves at Borders, then given the weather was holding up, we opted to get in our first outdoor climb of the year at Columns.

Now, given I’d only climbed outside a handful of times before the season ended, and there is NO crack climbing at the gym, I spent most of my time feeling like I’d wasted the last 3 months, but with a little focus and remembering my footwork, I felt like I was back on track. Though I couldn’t even climb a 5.8 clean. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back into it quickly. Nothing more frustrating than going completely back to the beginning after spending so much time thinking you were making progress. However, I did at least feel somewhat more experienced than the scattered dumbasses that were out there with us, and Shel and I had a very good conversation afterwards over a beer about climbing ethics.

Today has been mostly focused around sleep and killing ants. Sleep good, ants very, very bad.

So, lessons learned/reaffirmed from the weekend:
1) A sunny February day in Oregon is not something to be squandered.
2) Beer is tolerance in a glass. Unless you’re Irish/Scottish, in which case it’s a big ol’ pint of “fuck you”.
3) I am not by nature a crack/trad climber, but I think I can work on that.
4) Raid is my friend. Both the insect killer and the drive redundancy configuration, but mostly the one that makes ants die swiftly and horribly.


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